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Vincent provides a meeting with Hayley, Freya, Klaus, and you will Marcel

Vincent provides a meeting with Hayley, Freya, Klaus, and you will Marcel

He tells him or her they want a propose to attack the fresh new Empty thus Hayley can stab her once more with her bloodstream very they could defeat this lady. Hayley says brand new Ancestors’ spell requires a sacrifice hence a keen completely new vampire should pass away. Vincent claims one Elijah must perish to allow them to is and eliminate the hollow. Hayley and you will Klaus do not like the package. They make an effort to put together their own to keep Elijah.

Hayley goes back so you’re able to the girl room Vow gets in the room concerned. It explore how unwell he is. Vow requires in the event the she will be able to help and you can Hayley informs their they are doing what you they may be able. They kiss and you can Hayley holds this lady strict.

Vow believes to simply help, but Hayley says to the woman it’s okay if the she does not want so you can assist

Hayley fits that have Klaus and you may Freya. Freya tells them one Vincent told you the brand new ancestors told you they may be able imprison the brand new Hollow. Freya shows them the woman talisman. She informs her or him that in case Elijah is about to pass away she is also lay his soul inside her talisman. Klaus means he’s going to become you to definitely feel sacrificed to cut Elijah. Hayley and you will Freya was surprised and you may worried because of the Klaus’ decision.

Hayley and you may Freya discover Elijah and try to save your self your. Hayley symptoms one of several Hollow’s followers inside her wolf mode. New Empty, back in her spirit means, attacks and spoils its package. Following the Empty eliminates Elijah, Hayley rushes out over their system and you can shots his deal with. Klaus requires to know what taken place having Elijah’s spirit along with her talisman. Regrettably she has only much more traumatic the brand new, their talisman is actually lost along the way, leaving Hayley, Klaus and you may Freya devastated and you will saddened.

Hayley is with Freya the woman is nonetheless surprised over what happened. Because Freya sets back together with her this lady talisman. Hayley needs to understand out-of Elijah’s heart made it in order to the woman talisman. Freya will continue to cast her spell, however, never feel Elijah’s spirit. Overrun and not able to focus, Hayley tells the girl in order to rest. Klaus treks regarding room telling him or her they might be wasting their date. He understands that Elijah’s spirit is in her talisman and begs to own Freya to take him right back. Hayley screams on Klaus requiring that he should back. When Freya informs them she demands more time to see if Elijah’s heart is during there, each of them of those falter inside tears. Whenever guarantee is available in she touches Freya’s neck. Along with her, they look for a glimpse of Elijah in addition to reddish door. Freya tells Hayley and you can Klaus that she believed your however, all she noticed was problems and you may distress. And this surprises and you may unexpected situations both Klaus and you can Hayley.

From inside the Phantomesque, Hayley, Freya and you may Klaus talk about resurrecting Elijah by data recovery and place their soul back again to his human body.

Because Freya and you may Klaus was arguing, Hayley tells Klaus to help you back to possess snapping at the Freya and you will says to your when deciding to take a beneficial breather also to get some sky

Hayley and you will Freya continue to cam. Hayley is worried and requires Freya in the event the she actually is able to providing Elijah back. Immediately after Freya gets right back of in Elijah’s mind. She says to Hayley there are way too many thoughts and you can she are unable to cut Elijah otherwise boost this lady chandelier. Hayley requires Freya in the event that she will go into Elijah’s notice. Just like the Hayley and Freya speak. Freya informs Hayley that she will be able to get into Elijah’s attention, if the the lady girl Hope might help.

Hayley takes off Hope’s magical bracelet. Guarantee won’t back. Hayley hits this lady arm provide Freya several of their bloodstream to help with the new enchantment due to the fact she talks to Freya from the what she needs to do.

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